Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Koganenishi Grace

Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Koganenishi Grace

Play, Observe, and Learn in the Green Playground

A place to grow, surrounded by greenery. The playground has a large ginkgo tree and various other plants. Children will learn to care for them, meet insects, and experience many new things. Located in an area with countless parks, this facility is blessed with a favorable living environment for children. We’re committed to raising children who are accepting, attentive, and disciplined, as stated in our Childcare Policy, in an environment where they can listen to the silent voices of plants, acknowledge them, and grow with them.

Providing Children With Authentic Experiences

Some things can only be learned through authentic experiences. For example, the Nijinokai has been serving lunch on pottery dishes since the opening of its first nursery school 40 years ago, in order to cherish the experiences that can’t be obtained through plastic plates. Pottery has a unique feel and charm and must be treated well, or it will shatter and never be usable again. Facilities are created based on our chairman’s philosophy that preparing an environment based on authentic experiences is more important than being economical when providing a suitable living environment for children.

Facility Details

Address 〒270-0032 2-11-3 Shimatsudo-Kita, Matsudo, Chiba
Contact TEL:047-345-4994 FAX: 047-345-2496
Hours 7 AM to 7 PM
Acceptance Age Post parental leave to pre-elementary
Admission Capacity No.1 15 No2.3 120
Foundation Date April 1, 1979
Site Area 895.19㎡
Total floor Area 1108㎡
Building Structure Reinforced concrete, flat roof, three floors
Name of Establishment Matsudo City
Name of Management Social Welfare Corporation Nijinokai
Name of Management Body Chairman Keiko Sugimoto
Name of Facility Manager Principal Yuki Yamada

Personnel Composition

Facility Manager 1
Vice-Principal 1
Childcare Workers 22
Part-Time Childcare Workers (Licensed) 2
Nutritionists 2
Cooking Staff 3
Office Staff 1
Contract Pediatrician (Common) 1
Contract Dentist (Common) 1
Contract School Pharmacist (Common) 1

Extended-Hours Childcare Business

Regular Childcare Hours Weekdays: 7 AM to 6 PM
Saturdays: 7 AM to 6 PM
Extended-Hours Childcare Hours Weekdays: 6 PM to 7 PM (1,500 yen/month, 750 yen/month from the second child)
Saturdays: None