Our Childcare

Our Childcare

The meaning of our name: Nijinokai

The meaning of our name: Nijinokai

Under the Christian spirit of love, the Social Welfare Corporation Nijinokai was founded to contribute to local welfare, support working women, and create a nursery that would act as a peaceful second home for children. The “niji (rainbow)” in our corporate name has a special meaning in Christianity. In Genesis, known for the story of the ark, God speaks to Noah and the animals that believed in him after the deluge.

The meaning of our name: Nijinokai

He says that the rainbow is a sign of the covenant between Him and Noah, as well as everyone with him. He will place the rainbow in the clouds, and remember the covenant every time it appears. No one will be threatened by annihilation by flood again.


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Delivering your child’s smile every day.

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  • 社会福祉法人にじの会 パートタイムから常勤職員へ



Yuki Yamada
Principal at Nijinokai
Yuki Yamada

Hi, I’m Yuki Yamada, Principal at Nijinokai and video creator. Born from my own experiences, “mieruka” is a new nursery school information service based on video.

Nursery schools are the first tiny communities where children spend time away from their parents. They’ll spend every day nervous and excited with childcare workers and new same-aged friends. At the same time, the parents will be just as anxious when leaving their kids at school.

When my son started going to nursery school, I was half happy and half worried. I wondered, “Is he getting along with his friends? Is he behaving all right? Most importantly, is he having fun?”

As a parent/guardian myself, I know how hard it can be to balance work and family. I’ve realized that what cheers us adults up the most is seeing the happy faces of our children. There are facial emotions that you can’t see at home, like when they’re carefully working on crafts or playing around with friends. We share these regular but special everyday clippings from school with you through a communication notebook app called Kids’ Note.

By graduation time, the app will have become a record of your child’s growth — something you can treasure for life.

Daily schedule

A Day at a Nursery School

  1. Going to School

    The children’s “good mornings” mark the start of each day at nursery school.
    After parents and guardians send off their children, it’s time to start having fun.

  2. Morning Homeroom

    Everyone will have a seat as the morning homeroom starts.
    We call out each child’s name, which will be met with an enthusiastic “Here!”
    This is when we share the day’s plans so we can spend time with an objective.

  3. Morning Activities (Courtyard)

    We play with playground equipment and sandboxes in the courtyard or walk to a nearby park to exercise in nature.

  4. Lunch

    After playing outside, it’s time for a balanced lunch prepared by our nutritionists.

  5. Nap Time

    We listen to the sound of a music box as we take a nice nap.

  6. Snack Time

    It’s time for a snack handmade by our nutritionists.

  7. Afternoon Homeroom and Free Playtime

    We all get together to discuss our afternoon activities and what we’ll do the following day.
    After the afternoon homeroom, children enjoy doing whatever they like until their parents/guardians come to pick them up.

Annual Events

  1. Annual Events
    Entrance Ceremony
    Children’s Day
    Flower Day / Father’s Day Event
  2. Annual Events
    Tanabata / Evening Cool Event
    Pool / Play Event
    Sports Day / Respect for the Aged Day
  3. Annual Events
    Emergency Drill / Shichi-Go-San
    Christmas Event / Lighting Ceremony
  4. Annual Events
    New Year’s
    Graduation / Girls’ Day