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Social Welfare Corporation Nijinokai Chairman Keiko Sugimoto
Social Welfare Corporation Nijinokai
Chairman Keiko Sugimoto

Forty years ago, back in the day when nursery schools were not valued as much as they are now, we planted seeds for infant daycare with a facility called Shinmatsudo Baby Home. Post-parental-leave and extended-hours childcare have become ingrained in our community as a necessity. Community welfare has gradually flourished, from privatizing the public Koganenishi Nursery to opening a private club for school children, thus realizing an integrated education environment. In recent years, we’ve also opened a new nursery in front of Kita-Kogane station to help resolve the problem of wait-listed children. The declining birthrate and aging population are just one example of how the environment surrounding our children changes daily. Based on the Christian spirit of love, we are committed to always being a place of support for child-rearing families and their children, and raising youth who can “accept others, listen to different values, and have their own voice.” We hope to share and enjoy together the difficulty and happiness of your precious parenting years.

Our goal

What we aim for

Under the Christian spirit of love, the social welfare corporation Nijinokai was founded to contribute to local welfare, support working women, and create a nursery that would act as a peaceful second home for children. The “niji (rainbow)” in our corporate name has a special meaning in Christianity. In Genesis, known for the story of the ark, God speaks to Noah and the animals that believed in him after the deluge. He says that the rainbow is a sign of the covenant between Him and Noah, as well as everyone with him. He will place the rainbow in the clouds, and remember the covenant every time it appears. No one will be threatened by annihilation by flood again. The rainbow represents a sign so God does not forget the covenant, never to cause a deluge again, thus becoming a symbol of promise. The Social Welfare Corporation Nijinokai’s name comes from this story. It symbolizes our promise to children and their parents/guardians to provide an integrated childcare environment and peace of mind based on our philosophy. True to our name — Nijinokai — we are committed to our promise and honest childcare.