Give hope for one


Childcare work is “ .” A myriad of words could fill this blank, but we at the Nijinokai believe our work, in a broad sense, is “work that can change our society.” Being involved in childcare means we get to spend time with children during a precious and irreplaceable period of their life.

 Since its founding, the Nijinokai has quoted a poem by Tokuya Azumi and passed down these values to create the pages of our history.

“Peas grow in a dump, and lotus flowers grow from a mud pool. All people have their own beautiful seeds. What will bloom tomorrow?”

This is a poem called “Ashita (Tomorrow)” from a collection called “Hitori no Tameni (For One).” Applying this poem to childcare would mean to “Face each child’s personality/diversity. All children have the ‘the power to grow’ into beautiful flowers.”


All seeds are different. No individual seed is ever the same, even if it might seem so. What we do is all about accepting those differences and carefully watching over and caring for them until they gather the strength to bloom. When every single seed blooms into a beautiful flower, we might see society start to change.

Our children are the ones who will live through the future that is tomorrow, and they are our “hope.” True to our “Hope for one” philosophy, Nijinokai staff work every day with a determination to face the children and give each one of them new hope. We hope our daily care, warm hearts, and interactions with children will allow them, and society, to bloom into large flowers.