Shinmatsudo Grace Nursery School Baby Home

Shinmatsudo Grace Nursery School Baby Home

A Second Home for Children
— A Nursery School for Infants —

Shinmatsudo Baby Home is a nursery school particularly for infants, from post parental leave up to age two. We provide lively and attentive childcare in a relaxed and homely environment to become a peaceful second home for children.
These three years are essential in building a foundation for our childcare goal of “raising children who are accepting, attentive, and disciplined.” By thoroughly accepting the individualities of our children, we cultivate the base for “acceptance” within them.

Attentively and Carefully

Nursery schools are where children first spend time with adults other than their family. We run Shinmatsudo Baby Home in the hope of them feeling that the world around them is a safe place. As children garner experience naturally accepting others while they spend time in a community with their friends and our staff, we strive to provide an environment where they can fully realize how each of them is being loved. This is a second home that we create with parents and guardians. We look forward to sharing the joy of hearing your happy children call out “Mom, Dad,” and our names.

Facility Details

Address 〒270-0034 6-118-1 Shinmatsudo, Matsudo, Chiba
Contact TEL:047-344-3222 FAX: 047-344-3223
Hours 7 AM to 7 PM
Acceptance Age Post parental leave to under three years old
Admission Capacity 30
Foundation Date/th> April 1, 1977
Site Area 297.53㎡
Total Floor Area 292.31㎡
Building Structure Reinforced concrete, flat roof, three floors
Name of Establishment Matsudo City
Name of Management Social Welfare Corporation Nijinokai
Name of Management Body Chairman Keiko Sugimoto
Name of Facility Manager Principal Keiko Sugimoto

Personnel Composition

Facility Manager 1
Childcare Workers 12
Nutritionists 2
Office Staff 1
Contract Pediatrician (Common) 1
Contract Dentist (Common) 1
Contract School Pharmacist (Common) 1

Extended-Hours Childcare Business

Regular Childcare Hours Weekdays: 7 AM to 6 PM
Saturdays: 7 AM to 6 PM (Joint childcare at Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Koganenishi Grace)
Extended-Hours Childcare Hours Weekdays: 6 PM to 7 PM (1,500 yen/month, 750 yen/month from the second child)
Saturdays: None/span>


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